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Lubricating oil additives to achieve localization
Author:Jiajin Technology Views:4378 Add Time:2015-02-26

Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Yang two) is to master the core technology of lubricating oil additive, is an important index to measure a lube oil enterprises market position. Sinopec Shanghai Hairun additives company "20000 tons / year of compound additive of lubricating oil blending plant expansion project" recently completed, the production of the first batch of 40 tons of products after the examinationqualified, the realization of a feeding trial success. Thus, Hairun company annual production capacity jumped to 40000 tons, becoming the largest domestic compositeadditive of lubricating oil production enterprise. With the breakthrough both intechnology and production, Sinopec lubricating oil company not only won the huge competitive advantage in the domestic market in the global market, more can compete with international brand.

Deputy general manager of Sinopec lubricant company Zhao Jiang said additive is thecore technology of lube oil enterprises must grasp, it directly determines the mainproperties and function of lubricant products, determines the development level of lubricating oil industry, progress and development level directly influences the equipment manufacturing industry, automobile manufacturing industry, but also directly affect the lubricating oil the enterprise market position.

It is understood that the Hairun company of Sinopec in 2001 and is the world's second largest additive producers Infineum jointly established a joint venture company. Was first established, additive production almost all use of foreign technology. In 2002,Sinopec lubricant company was founded, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, enhance core competitiveness. By the end of 2010, Hairun company adoptsSinopec independent technology by the proportion of less than 10% of the original,increased to more than 95%. At present, Hairun companies have multiple compoundproducts into production application, SJ, CF-4 and other high-grade additiveindependent production. With independent technology, increased Sinopec lubricating oil additive with foreign companies equal exchanges and cooperation of the strength and opportunity, expand the market space for development.

It is reported, Sinopec lubricating oil company will also selectively developing singleagent planning focus, improve the core competitiveness of Sinopec lubricating oil."China quality newspaper"